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Student Follow Up Survey

Please complete this form as you end your Project SEED experience. This survey serves as the basis information to determine the impact and scope of the Project SEED program. The Follow-up Student Survey and Student Written Report must be completed and sent to the Project SEED Office in Washington, DC by the August 31, 2017 deadline. Upon receipt of all paperwork, your final $500 educational award will be sent to you by your mentor. (Please allow two weeks for delivery.) After September 15, 2017, your educational award will no longer be available. 

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DescriptionsProject SEED Helped Me
Develop my skills and abilities
Develop self confidence
Develop responsibility
Understand the ethical behavior of scientists pursuing and reporting
Develop better study habits
Develop a greater interest in scientific/technical areas
Learn what advanced study is like
Decide to continue my education after high school
Choose a college major
Learn about employment opportunities in scientific technical fields
Decide to pursue a career in science
What is the highest level of education you expect to complete after high-school graduation? *
What are the chances that you will become a scientist, engineer, or mathematician in the future? *
Where did you do your research? *
How helpful did you find the manual, "Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories?" 
How often did you refer to the safety manual? *
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Rating of mentor/student relationship *
Please evaluate your experience with your mentor in the statements below by providing a score of 1 to 5, with 1 = strongly disagree and 5 = strongly agree. 
I learned new skills from my SEED mentor.
It is easy to talk to my SEED mentor.
My SEED mentor assisted me with improving my overall performance and SEED research work.
My SEED mentor discussed career paths (including education) in chemistry and related sciences with me.
What did your SEED mentor do especially well? *
In what areas did your SEED mentor need improvement? *
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