Recording: (3) Anaheim 2011 Presentations Feedback - Copy

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1. Did you attend the 2011 ACS national meeting in Anaheim?

2. How did you find out about access to this online content?
Ad in the Anaheim meeting program book
Stories in ACS Matters or National Meeting e-Newsletters
Link on
E-Mail from ACS
From a colleague

3. Would you like online access to more, fewer, or the same number of presentations (approx. 500 appear from the Anaheim meeting) following future national meetings?
Many more
Far fewer

4. Which statement most closely reflects your views regarding online meeting content?
I am primarily interested in presentations that align with my specific area/discipline of chemistry.
While primarily interested in content in my area/discipline, I’m also interested in reviewing presentations targeting other areas of chemistry.
I am as equally interested in presentations that target my area of chemistry as those that address other areas of chemistry.

5. Compared to other products and services offered by ACS, how would you rate access to online meeting content?
Online meeting content is now among my most valued ACS products/services.
Online meeting content is a nice additional ACS product/service, but no more than that.
Online meeting content is of little value to me compared to other ACS products/services
Not applicable/I'm not sure.

6. Does ACS providing you with routine online access to national meeting content make you more likely to renew your ACS membership?
This online content will make me more likely to renew my ACS membership.
This online content will have little or no impact on my decision to renew my ACS membership.
Not sure.
I’m not a member of ACS.
7. We are currently working to improve the online meeting content service offering.  Would you be willing to be contacted via e-mail to answer a few brief questions on ways this service could better meet your needs?

8. If you are willing to be contacted via e-mail, please enter an email address we can use to contact you directly (Note: email addresses will be kept confidential and ONLY be used for the purpose of this survey).
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If you wish to submit additional comments, please send e-mail to John Katz  (

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